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GE PROFILE™  PDT750SSFSS (In Store discount may apply)

GE PROFILE™ PDT750SSFSS (In Store discount may apply)

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  • Full stainless steel interior
    Enjoy an attractive appearance and long-lasting durability
  • GE's most advanced wash system with 102 cleaning jets
    Achieve the ultimate clean from an industry-leading number of jets that deliver complete washing coverage to every corner of the dishwasher
  • Side jets
    Cascading water fills the dishwasher while hydrating soils
  • Top control with color LCD display
    User-friendly controls combined with a color LCD screen complement the sleek stainless look
  • Variable pressure jets
    Ensure every dish is completely clean with middle and lower arms that vary water pressure for thorough coverage



The GE Profile offers several wash cycles and drying options, including eco-friendly options.

GE only warrants the machine and all of its parts for one year after the purchase date.

The Verdict:

This versatile dishwasher offers all the necessary features to make it an effective and convenient machine. With a variety of cycle options, a high capacity, loading flexibility and short cycle times, you can clean your dishes with minimal effort.

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